Who is Diluxe Founder

Who is Diluxe Founder

Matt Matt
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Hey everyone, this is Matt founder and CEO of DiLuxe Hair

1. A Decade of Expertise in the Wig Industry

Since entering the wig industry in 2013, by 2024, I have amassed over 10 years of in-depth experience in the field.

During this period, by offering suitable hair series and professional business consulting services, we have directly or indirectly assisted over 10,000 clients in achieving business growth. Our client base encompasses stylists, salon owners, chain stores, boutiques, celebrities, and even some top clients in the largest cities in the United States.

2. In-Depth Market Research and Client Engagement

Starting in 2017, I began personally visiting the U.S. to conduct market research and meet clients. Until 2020, I maintained a schedule of visiting the U.S. three times a year, covering more than 20 states including FL, NY, TN, AL, GA, and IL.

3. Ensuring Quality and Efficiency in Hair Production

These experiences have made me acutely aware of the hair industry's general lack of standardization, the prevalence of misinformation and inefficient solutions, and the absence of objective and reliable testing standards. The most direct method of testing often involves clients making their own purchases for use, leading many to spend substantial funds during the sample phase.

Therefore, over these 10 years, I have continuously deepened my understanding of products, supply chains, markets, and customers. Through precise quality control and an efficient delivery system, we ensure the provision of consistently high-quality products, continually analyze target users and competitive market conditions, and recommend the most suitable products for each client, ensuring that every product we offer can steadily support the growth of our clients' businesses.

We have found a balance between market demands and client needs, learning how to provide higher quality products through effective supply chain management. This journey, from initial misunderstandings to gradually earning client trust and ultimately aiding in their business growth, has been the most gratifying and proud part of our work.

4. DiLuxe Hair Company's Commitment to Excellence

Currently, DiLuxe Hair Company is located in Guangzhou, one of China's wig centers. Due to our profound expertise and understanding of wig products, we began sourcing raw materials directly from the source years ago, venturing into regions like Yunnan, Xinjiang, and Myanmar to purchase materials, selecting high-quality factories, and controlling every production line to ensure each production stage is quality-assured, insisting on using high-quality raw materials to produce excellent products.

Furthermore, to convey reliable market information and wig product knowledge to more clients, we have launched this blog, "Know Hair: Know Everything About Hair Business".

This blog is dedicated to providing clients with the most authentic firsthand market and product information, helping them become more professional and thus able to choose more suitable suppliers for their own businesses 

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