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Yes, we have Custom Wigs and Factory wigs. We also make wigs according to your requests. There are different wig caps available.
Diluxehair company provides limited sizes XS, S, M, L, XL that mostly guarantee you’ll end up with a comfortable fit. If you need a special size wig, we recommend working with a professional to help you take accurate measurements and get the most fit wig.
Consider the breathability of the wig. Proper airflow can prevent heat buildup and discomfort, especially during warm weather.
Just like you must care for your tresses, you need to take some steps to maintain your wig as well. The more you take care of it, the longer it will last you. Keep in mind that you don’t need to wash your wig as often as your natural strands. Washing it too often could wear it down over time. Also, don’t use too many products on your wig because that leads to washing it more often.
Custom wigs are made in a variety of ways depending on how custom you want to go. But typically, it is made with 3 bundles for a 220% density look for the length beyond 18 inches and below 34 inches wig. It also achieves a 220% density look by combining 2 same length bundles for the length 12''-16'' inches wig. Apart from this, there are always workable options for 180%, 200%, as well as 250% density custom wig.
Diluxehair's common texture hair bundles are available in stock. Bundles and closures normally are shipped out within 24hrs. Customized units usually are shipped out within 48hrs. Then, it takes 2-3 business days to arrive at your door as long as there are no poor weather conditions that cause flight delays.
Custom wig was made by closure/frontal with weft or only weft. The density chart in custom wig detail indicates the inch of closure/frontal with the inch and quantities of weft that we used in our default density custom wigs.
Factory wig means ready to ship wigs with texture, but NOT ready to wear wig NOT pre bleaching knots, NOT pre pluck
Due to the vague definitions of hair product quality in the market, such as 10A,12A ,Brazilian hair etc. Our company has its own definition logic. We typically categorize different product qualities based on the degree of bleaching and the origin of the raw materials. If you are looking for Southeast Asian wavy hair, we do not have it. Our different patterns we make are high temperature-styled, without any acid. More information, please contact your sales representative
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