Burmese Raw Hair Thicker Drawn Seamless Clip in #1B

Thicker Drawn Long Hair ≥25% 16-26 Hair in Stock Ready to Ship

Burmese Raw Hair Material

Resourcing from Yangon Burma
Bleached to color level 6-8
Multiply donors
100% cuticles aligned
100% Intact cuticles
Few color strands
Restyled easily
Better after co-washing
last 1-2years

vs. Vietnamese Suppliers' Raw Hair

Faster Shipping Time: Within 24h-48h
Lower Prices: Each weft $30-50 less
More Stable Quality: Advanced technology and experience
Customized Wig:Guaranteed delivery time,nomally with 48h, with rapidly advancing technology.
For long-term business, we're the best fit, leading the wig industry by at least 15 years over Vietnam.